One as Many ☯️

To reach oneness, we need to traverse the paths of duality and plurality. There is a hidden unity in every diversity of life and its various expressions. The very nature of life is of extremes, paradoxes, polarities and exceptions. Polarity is always a matter of degree and not kind. We need darkness to understand the importance of light, both day and night, joy and grief brings balance to life and helps us to appreciate things in the right perspective.

Everybody has a little bit of the Sun and Moon in them. Everybody has both Yin and Yang energies. Everyone is part of a connected cosmic system. Part as Earth and sea, wind and fire, with some salt and dust floating inside our systems. None of us are just black or white, or never wrong and always right. No one. No one exists without polarities. Everybody has good and bad forces working with them, against them and within them.

That all opposites—such as mass and energy, subject and object, life and death—are so much like each other yet for most of us, its hard to believe. But this is only because we accept the boundary line between the opposites as real and concrete. To say that Ultimate Reality is a Unity of opposites, implies that in the Ultimate reality there are No boundaries anywhere of Space and Time, especially it is seen in the higher dimensions. All is occuring at once, as a part of the whole and not as as distinct entities but in tandem for the greater good and justice.

People desire to seperate their worlds into polarities of light and darkness, good and evil, right and wrong etc. Polarities serves us in learning and growth. There is hidden message of balance, equilibrium and wholeness of things due to pluralities and dualities. There is two sides of everything and this is called as the Universal law of polarity. Polarity gives a spectrum of diverse choices to people with its two ends as extremes. We can always learn more where there is difference of caste, creed, culture, ethnicity, religion, language and society. Diversity brings rich human experiences and beautiful cultural heritage to nations and sub nations.

We are reflections of one another, therefore we are all projections of the universal principles of polarity and of  oneness, as children of the same infinite consciousness that we call God. PEOPLE are wonderful one at a time. Each one of them has an entire hologram of the Universe somewhere within them. When we are identified with Awareness, we see through the illusions of dualities, where everything finally sumps up to a holistic picture of things. ~ Arzoo Singh 🤍


Importance of Consistency🎯

In all we do, we need to be consistent, patient, optimistic and zealous. The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor. Consistency often underlines goal setting and its accomplishment. Patience and consistency goes hand in hand. Comfort can never be a place of growth. We must always strive to push our limits and dare to dream. Life is uncertain so do our successes and failures. But trying is neutral, when we try, we pave way for learning and honing our skills and talents. Hard work often beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

Consistency is a love language, it seperates the opportunists from the committed. Without commitment we cannot have depth in anything, whether its a job, business, relationship or a hobby.  When we get tired in our pursuits, we must rest but never give up. Consistency often results into a cumulative impact of our inputs in a manifested form, coverting the average into excellence. Its is rightly said that practise makes a man perfect. Compound effect is the best mirror reflecting our efforts and converting it into tangible rewards over a period of time.

Small changes in initial conditions can lead to large-scale and unpredictable variation in the future state of a given system and this is called as butterfly effect of things. Stability of desires is very crucial so that one knows what is the thing you want to accomplish. We must realize the importance of consistency in any walk of life for it to yield results. Part of courage is simple consistency. Consistency is the true foundation of trust, either keep your promises or do not make them.

Life is a like a flowing river and we will have many goal posts and timelines along the way. When we learn the importance of discipline, perseverance and dedication, we are bound to be successful in all our pursuits. The importance of incremental progress is often underrated. Rome was not built in a day. Great and good things takes time, so being consistent and determined is all we need in our journey to success and the same determination we must show in fulfilling our roles and responsibilities thereof.

Trying keeps us away from stagnancy in our lives. If we try and fail, we start from a new vantage point which is very different from that of non-doers or beginners in a given field. When our efforts and intentions are pure, we can never fail but only learn. A person trying and failing is always better than those who never tried. Consistency-in-action is not purely about repetition. Its rather about evolution. Instead of making things boring or monotonous, consistent efforts for any goal make things easy and moving.

Procrastination is the enemy of efficiency and often results in self sabotage. The antidote for delaying tactics is mindfulness and to understand the importance of time. Firmness of resolution is a golden key to success. Playfulness, light-heartedness and grit is extremely important to maintain rhythm and commitment to a given goal. Balance of work and play is a good way to go about our endeavors.

Distractions of all sorts must be checked and nipped in the bud whatever number of times we require to, until we become genuinely focused again. Every great waste of time begins with a small distraction. Consistency-in-action demands that you first get very clear about what your highest priority activities are. These activities are typically built around your core values, passions, purpose and goals. 

The secret of success is constancy of purpose. All of us have dreams but to make it true, needs a lot of hard work, luck, blessings, dedication and focus. Believe you can and you are half there. When you truly believe and not just wish, when you truly commit and not just try and when you take actions and not just dream, you ace your dreams. A smooth sea never made a great sailor. Whatever be the challenges and hurdles, we must overcome and not get stuck. Don’t stop until you are proud and repeat. ~ Arzoo Singh😊


The missing link 🌌

Which power is responsible for the shifting timelines on Earth, change of seasons, life and death, the dynamism of nature, Earth revolving around the Sun, the atoms vibrating at certain frequencies and everything we can think of; would also always leaves us with an obvious answer and the answer is God . In all the chaos, there is always a secret order. Curiosity, seeking, quests and scientific temperament often helps to solve the missing links of human existence and discover the core truths and universal laws of existence.

As Nikola Tesla said, the day Science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence. Collective efforts towards the clubbing of Science and Spirituality is very important in order to address and emancipate the missing links in our understanding of this world and the other worldly. Even Science and Technology would benefit from this in the fields of 5G, quantum computing, internet of things, blockchain technology, space explorations, genome sequencing, artificial intelligence, cellular biology, data mining and many others.  We need to integrate God as the prime driver of energies and its transmutation  in all our theories of Philosophies, Humanities and Sciences. The ‘Theory of Everything’ and ‘Vedic Science’ throws ample light on this subject for us to begin with.   

In all things of nature, there is something of the marvellous. Generally, the physical laws of Nature becomes a part of scientific query and the laws of Universe, energy, vibrations, patterns and frequency becomes a part of spiritual query for people. Interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach helps us to understand Science in terms of Divinity and Divinity in terms of Science. For both are inseperable. To marry both, the ‘Quantum Leap’ is one of the ways. Technologies of Science, Sprituality and Quantum field have immense possibilties in enhancing human potential and joy of living.

Ultimately, the problems we face cannot be solved at the same level at which they were created. Genuine change, whether it be in the hearts of people or in the culture at large, is more difficult than changing the appearance of things and therefore can be a more rare occurrence. In hard times, inner changes must precede changes to outer circumstances. The current problems of the world are bigger and more complex than the institutions established to deal with them. Meaningful change requires a true transformation that shifts the levels of understanding and opens the realms of possibility. Yet, there is a poverty of imagination when it comes to facing the size and depth of the problems we all face.

The Earth itself is a living being, everything is alive here and has consciousness. Individually we can take responsibility of our carbon footprints and the legacy we leave behind as a human. We must help our mother Earth replenish her resources as we adopt sustainable use of resources and recycle waste materials produced, mitigate pollution and climate change, restoration of forest and water bodies and each one of us taking a pledge to be responsible resident of this beautiful planet.

We cannot keep shying away from incorporating humanness and spiritual aspects in our public and economic policies. Bhutan and its Happiness Index highlights the importance of cultural, environmental and human aspects of life, it cannot be just growth but we need overall development of all faculties and sectors in human lives. Many other countries and agencies are emulating the same but the spirit of implementation is not the same. Standard of living cannot be the only criteria.

Normative and behavioural economics is a great success already in meeting individual needs in lines with ones cultural and psychological aspects. Systemic, structural, strategic, economic, social, and political ways of organisations and operations needs to be aligned with the broader perspective of our existence. This will foster efforts in the direction of inclusive growth and development, sustainaible peace and prosperity for the whole of humanity.

Social media, Artificial intelligence and Pop Culture are best agents to propagate discourses, quest the missing links and mainstream such questions. We have mastered the ‘ selfie’, now its time to master ‘ourselves’ and be the torch bearers of these shifting paradigms. We went astray from our higher self because of mass level spiritual amnesia over a long period of time. The hard problem of consciousness can also become easy only if we all try to solve it and share our experiences. The greatest technology hidden from us is our own consciousness. Harnessing the same open doors to unimaginable treasures of life. More we seek deeper truths and purpose, more is our spiritual and intellectual development.  Its all about our individual choices as to shift from the ‘veil of ignorance’ to a greater possibility of love, well-being, sustainability, awakening and prosperity.   ~ Arzoo Singh 😊

Cosmic Giggles 🌞

Life is a play, we must not take it so seriously. To make sense of the larger picture, we need to be expansive and receptive in our demeanors and attitudes. Wit and grit is of utmost importance to make our lives easier and enjoyable. Planning, discipline, hardwork, organisation all that is important but only to the extent that we live without excessive stress and worry. We need not just compete through life or spend our time and energy on daily routines solely. Leisure and play is good for our vibrant health as much work is. The very nature of life is like a river , that is to flow and not to drag or resist. We must live in the present. Man suffers only because he takes seriously what the Gods made for fun.

God arranges comical scenarios where there is a lot of sychronicities, fun and lessons to be learned in our everday lives. What we see and experience often that paradoxes, irony, oddity, enigma, anomaly and mystery is quite pervasive in the lives of people, societies and nations. Many meaningful coincidences in our lives leaves us awe-struck and we wonder that yes not just in movies but in our lives too things happen in an orchestrated manner. Synchronicities and serendipity are such experiences of universal winks.

One of the most intrinsic quality of God and Universe is humour. Life is a cosmic joke , it is a controlled folly. Fate and destiny goes hand in hand and so does the invisible hands of God works all the time on land and beyond . You huff and puff and make believe it makes a difference, even though you know it doesn’t. Nothing is accidental, the Universe is too intelligent for that type of creation. The sooner we accept this, the more peace will prevail in our hearts, minds and lives.   

‘Leela’, the divine dance of life is what Gods are good at instrumenting for us, and we take it so seriously.  To the topsy-turvy ride of life, humour, compassion, love, grit and empathy  directs us towards the deeper meaning of life and its nature. Consciousness and our soul is always pure and powerful. If we want to be touched by the consciousness that we refer to as Krishna, we need Leela the path of the playful.        

Ultimate disappointment of the ego can pave way to enlightenment, there is no other way. We think ourselves as so important, so we are, but not in an egoistic way this should be welcomed. Its nice to be important but it is more important to be nice and wise. We are just stardusts and little specs in this huge cosmos. If we learn to approach everything in a celebratory way, we learn to be dead-serious about life, yet absolutely involved.

Meditation and contemplation allows a space and chance to see the folly of our own predicament. The perspectives about yourself and the universe that you arrive at through meditation makes you giggle or laugh. This giggle is without malice. Its not of this world but of the universal ways of things at play. Cosmic chuckle is the delight in the fun of it all and thus offers sweetness of emotions. Awareness of the passing show of one’s own life allows a lightness to stage a wise part, where only a moment before there could be hopelessness.

Humour puts things into perspective and brings pleasantness in life. There are many levels of humor. There is a humour of survival, a humour of gratification and aspirations and a humor connected with power. You got to feel strength and power from inside and not to seek it outwardly as we can attract only what we are. Beyond all these there is a humor that is filled with compassion and greater understanding about life.

It is reflected in the tiny upturn in the mouth of the Buddha’s picture, for he sees the humor in the universal predicament. A sense of humor is a much needed armour. Joy in one’s heart and some laughter on one’s lips is a sign that the person down deep has a pretty good grasp of life. All beings are lost in illusion, yet Buddha knows that they will awaken from that illusion for they are, at heart, already enlightened. He knows that what seems so hard to them is from another perspective is their own path to liberation. Often breakdowns leads to breakthroughs in life.

Like a welcome summer rain, humour may suddenly cleanse and cool the earth, the air and you. A laughter is the closest distance to be travelled for fulfilling relationships. Smile, Laughter and Joy can take away any intensity of negative energies around us. Worrying and the dramas of mind and thoughts makes us astray from our truest self and potencies. Life is so much easier with a sense of humour. A good sense of humour is your common sense dancing. The more you use them, the more you will have it. All things on this Earth is primarily governed by the divine forces and the divine itself is full of magic and giggles. ~ Arzoo Singh 🙏

Choose Love 🧡

A lifetime with scanty love is of no account. Love is the water of life. Drink it down with heart and soul. Life indeed is so amazing, so many experiences, so many good , so many bad, so much variety. When life is so unpredictable, how is it that majority of people are so stuck in their beliefs, choices, thinking and view points. When things change inside you, things change around you. The main reason for fallouts in life is that we refuse to grow, to change , to learn and move on. We want to know the reasons why this, why me etc. and waste a lot of time. But when good and great things are offered to us by life, seldom we ask why me, why this. Thats quite natural too as all we want is a pinch of love and light here and there to keep us moving.

I don’t think that I am any less or more blessed than anyone else. Blessings need not be just material things, but things of the heart, mind and soul. Its something I have realized that on the front of the heart and soul, we all go through similar experiences. Our tokens of happiness are similar in nature. Almost identical heartaches and painful experiences is a truth for all. Most relatable would be our covid experiences all over the world recently. Its the resources that vary from people to people but the challenges are same like that of health, relations, family, friends, career etc.

For sea of challenges in life, instead of depending on something or someone outside of you , best would be the one who knows swimming or who is self sufficient. Yes you can be all on your own and swim around the world without the cruise, that will bring more freedom and strength to ones soul. Choose love. Yes whatever it is choose love.  If you want to leave or have to leave some people, places or situations behind, detach but with love.  First try love, it will work for maximum times, places and people, where it may still not, try distance. Love is the one thing, we are capable of perceiving that transcends dimensions of time and space. We love the existing and departed souls in our lives that shows how love transcends time and space.

Never hate someone or something. I can tell why, because anything unresolved in our energetic field will keep manifesting in our lives until we choose to heal or let go. The mind or ego wants to put everything in a box where it can be defined or fixated with proofs, labels and explanations. The same people and challenges and experiences will come again and again in different forms until we learn that yes love is the much needed panacea for human struggles. We repeat what we don’t heal and repair. We seem to keep breaking our own heart until it opens and thats the wound, where the light enters you and growth happens. There is no other way out to peace and freedom other than compassion and love.

Most of us understand true love in terms of our romantic partners and interests, mother’s love and all such epitomes of love but true love is also love and respect for each soul . Such bonds certainly makes us to appreciate the other one with some real depth and warmth. When you love, you experience it first, and it radiates out to others. The more you love other people, the more love you get to experience. Love can change the vibes in the air. Love is the highest vibe and God is at the highest vibe and frequency. When you learn to love life no matter what, taking things as lessons and experience, you evolve and you learn to reach God as you vibrate on such a frequency. Love leads to light and wisdom.

God has this one thing, rule, law and play that he created us humans, sends us on this journey called life, give us free will, only in anticipation that we will choose to love and learn to love our life stories instead of remorsing and repenting. Ego keeps us aloof and closed from the infinite nature of this vibrational Universe. Karma is there to give us feedbacks in all our life years and stages of evolution. With the course of life experiences, either you become sweet or bitter, if you can’t be sweet, try salty. Never be bitter, because that bitterness will do no harm to anyone but you, your health emotionally and physically. Health is wealth, and real wealth is healthy relationships. We must practise postive thinking and hopefulness, as it is rightly said Never say Never. Till there is life, there is all possibilities of things to happen, we must enjoy the ride and embrace everything that comes along.

Age with grace, gratitude, love and light. Love yourself first of all and also the most and you shall ace love generally only to attract more of it. And the help you offer to others comes back in astonishing ways too.  So always keep up with your good heart and helpful nature and life will amaze you. Love is inclusive of all perspectives, even the ones you disagree with. It is all existence. Any other way of life is a scam, because you will have to face the similar challenges again and again , if not in one life time, it would be lifetimes after lifetimes, until we become one with love and have unity, fraternity and solidarity in our hearts and minds. So this whole purpose of life is nothing but to teach each one of us that nothing but love can save us everytime. ~ Arzoo Singh🧡

Fate, Karma & Destiny 💫

FATE happens to you, KARMA is done by you, and DESTINY is a mix of both fate and karma. In one aspect of your life, you may excel as much you are putting in the efforts and in many other aspects, this may not happen. This is something we don’t accept and understand, neither look for the solutions.

Those who think that solely karma can create ones destiny is a fool. You can never say that, what you are sowing , you will definitely reap , here the element of fate and luck arrives. You can also mess up your already given fate of good luck and prosperity due to your own karma. Those who think life is what happens to us, and we can do nothing about it, is a fool as well. The one who understands that in ones entire life, both fate and karma has an equal role to play is the wise one.

Somethings will happen to you, some you will make it happen and somethings will never happen. We need to be equanimous and poised in all scenarios. We cannot feel entitled to. We humans exercise our Free Will but the consequence and results of same is not in our hands all the time.

There is a higher power and force who is woving the tapesteries of cosmic events and events on Earth. People’s roles and relationships, their higher purpose to be served on this Earth and the overall drama of life is already decided. Going spiritual helps in recieving divine love, light, wisdom and blessings. Otherwise we would just be a confused person looking at the stars or other people to blame.

Man proposes, God disposes. See if you go by a belief that whatever you will put your hands on will fructify, thats over confidence. Whatever you are planning is going to come to your platter is also over optimism. Excess of any emotion is dangerous. Expectations from wrong places, people and things are generally the main cause of our sorrows.

It is the conditioning of beliefs since childhood that when internalized by humans, makes it very difficult for us to have a balanced point of view on anything. We are in habit of taking sides or making one thing bigger in importance than the other. For eg. Karma without Dharma is futile and both must go hand in hand.

The experience of life at physical level is not enough for manifestation and Law of attraction. Your emotional, mental and spiritual faculties must show signs of expansion for a meaningful life. Take a quantum leap to an awakened life. This is the only way to a fulfilling life on this planet. Either you become one with all or you  just be a name, label, designation, denomination etc.

Only working in the direction of your desire is not enough. You attract your desires by being the vibrational frequency of what you desire. This is where the knowledge of thoughts, frequency and vibrations comes into play. Every human vibrates at a certain frequency which makes their vibrational aura.

Your aura is what others get to feel about you and the vibes you give and that is your energetic signature. By changing your thoughts, beliefs and actions to a higher order of wisdom and self growth. You become open to the miracles, Universe would love to serve you. So here your fate can be sorted out in lines with raising your vibrations. God has began to love you more as you do the self healing, growth and development.

Reclaim your true identity, expand your awareness and rest will be history literally as you will be a new person altogether and a new life will unfold. Break the chains of old habits, beliefs and things, which are burdensome to your soul. Let your light shine. Now is the time.

Mere doing the right and technical things is not a recipe for manifesting your dreams or even the small goals of life. Karma is not all about action but also about being, feelings, intentions and motives. Learn to be authentic with your intentions and motive. What people miss out that Thinking and Speaking is also Karma and not just Doing. We can never fool the Universe. It knows our innermost feelings and intentions. One can think and behave in any manner for oneself and others, but what looks like such an ordinary stuff is actually shaping your fate and destiny. Thoughts creates destiny.

Intention behind any karma therefore becomes of paramount importance whether its about our realtionships, career, health, wealth or luck. Only then we can send a clear message to the Universe. The more messed up our expressions are, the more messed up fate and destiny.

Some may speak great things to others still not feeling the same inside. Or some can also be a bad mouth, that emanated from ones thinking, then seen in words and actions. Some can do all the right things but have a self-doubt and speak negatively about life in general. Some can think at a low frequency of greed, hatred, jealousy, ungratefulness, anger etc. for most of the things and times in your life.

Such a way of incoherent life creates karmic block and karmic debt and some we could have created in our past lives too. Although, not everyone is a believer of past births and reincarnation but those who do, must know that karmic imprints carries on to all births with the eternal soul and is held intact in the Akashic records.

The key to reap the rewards of our hard work is to keep your thoughts, words and actions in alignment and coherence. This goes hand in hand with the alignment of our mind, body and spirit. Alignment of faculties is also a gradual path to Awakening. Destiny masters are an efficient writer, director and actor of their own movie called life.

We are all mortals for a lifetime, but immortals for lifetimes to come and go. Our soul has karmic imprints and God walks with us everywhere. The more we become in tune with our true essence and universal laws and wisdom, the more we are gifted with great deeds and karma in life, beautiful destiny, glorious fate and luck. Because we learn to unleash the power of our soul in our every thought, word and action and live a life guided and blessed by the divine forces.

~ Arzoo Singh 🙏

Invest on Self Growth 💱⏰

“Satisfy your soul, not the society.” – Buddha

Life offers both pain and pleasure. I can’t emphasis enough, how important it is for us to seek self help, self development and growth. You are the driver of your own life. Everything else around you begins with you. Don’t go and seek inspirational or motivational videos and content when you are broken into pieces by the hardships around . Instead learn the tricks of the trade before hand so that you can sail through any storm, problem, wound, challenge and loss that life may throw at you. Though most of us emerge stronger out of these, yet some can succumb too.

Every crisis precipitates evolution of the soul, mind and evolution of the ways of Life. Healing is important, it is a process not a destination, atleast you got to start the process. You can’t be toxic just because you spent a lot of time in a toxic environment.

If somebody is giving you few carrots and lots of sticks, thats an alarm, even if such a person could bring you all the carrots in the world, they will keep wounding you as well. Remember that somebody could be anyone in your life, yes you must have guessed it right by now. So better find your own carrots, grow your own field and be the proud farmer and pull out the weeds. You can grow your own carrots, career, business, life hacks and anything and everything, you need not handed it to you by someone who in return could take away your dignity and peace of mind.

Leave that place, leave those people. You cannot push them away, rather learn to distance yourself. The right people will gravitate towards you once you clear the space by letting go of some stuffs, people and situations. The new you is going to attract your soul tribe. Embrace your heart, embrace your inner child. Turn your pain into power, live free and unhibited. Embrace your truth and inner calling. No voice should be allowed in your life which tries to supress your inner voice. Some of the beginning signs of healing is that you will start honouring your inner voice and guidance more than any other kind of noise imposed upon you.

You cannot look for love at the wrong places. Seek it at the right place, learn new ways of life, new belief systems, new outlook on life. You cant live by other people’s idea on how to be a worthy member of the society. Show over substance has become a way of life for many.

You are the biggest project you will ever work upon. You are your own biggest competition, not any other being. You got to beat that procrastination habit, your urge to eat unhealthy, your sleep deprivation or over sleep, your obesity, your addictions, your lack of knowledge, lack of reading, lack of self awareness etc. Water your own grass before looking at other’s garden because there is always a scope of improvement. Nurture yourself, grow yourself, know thyself, love thyself and see the magic how life turns out to be. Become a better version of yourself everyday because everyone else is already taken.

Success is not only about career and wealth. Success is multi-dimensional. Its about contentment in realtionships, work place, health, hobbies, higher purpose and more. You can have a private jet and a palace to live in if you strive for it, but first you need to learn to live in peace with yourself and others. Before accomplishing things outside, know thyself, grow from within and then grow your empire, otherwise anyone can take it away, shake it, or you yourself may collapse your whole blessing. Emotional intelligence in every matter of life and in money matters is equally important. It means what is your relationship with money, are you afraid, over cautious, indifferent or thankful. Only high intelligent quotient won’t take you far, because you may still be suffer after all the abundance. Its the energy of your perception around money and wealth that decides its multiplication and satisfaction.

Inner child wounds reflects in all our decisions, one who can heal this, is a totally changed person and an asset for oneself and others. You need to enjoy your own company, so that even if you don’t get the jet or palace, you are happy with yourself and whatever you have, anywhere in the mountains, by the sea. If you cannot spend much time alone , it means you are in a bad company. Think over it. Heal your inner child so that you can appreciate all your blessings and don’t go messing around what you already have. Gratitude is the best attitude.

Spend time in solitude. Never mistake solitude for a time for distractions of all kinds instead you got go within and self-reflect. Solitude is not lonliness , it is a sacred place where you can connect with your heart and soul and seek the guidance of your higher self by takin up activities which nourishes your soul. Grounding, mindfulness, self realization and some soul stirring are gifts of solitude . Take the power back in your hands, don’t leave the key to your happiness in a company’s pocket, in a person’s pocket or anthing else other than you for that matter.

Remember the best investment of your time and money you can make is on self fulfillment, so that you will have your cup full and you can pour into others. If you are into people pleasing and a validation seeker, you may remain sucked up in that energy only . Will you like to live your life at the whims and fancies of others around, or would you like to take the onus on you.

Take a decision , take some action, awake from your deep sleep, from your spiritual amnesia and reclaim the power of your own soul. Yoga and meditation will work best only when you are in a habit of doing some self-help and grounding everyday.

Firstly, start with reading some great books like Radical Awakening, The Power of Now, The Alchemist, Code of the Extraordinary Mind, Warrior of Light, Who will Cry when you Die and tonnes other. You can google the name of the books and know the authors and their stories, how they rose up to realize their full potential and purpose. Read blogs like this and others on wellness and well-being. Follow pages on social media which can uplift your soul, increase your knowledge, upgrade your skills and talents, and connect with the like minded people.

If you are not a book lover, watch videos on youtube of Sadhguru, Bk Shivani, Bruce Lipton, Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden etc. and learn how can you write your own destiny and transform your life 360° . It all starts with a thought, a will, one action at a time, and there you go on a journey of self healing and vibrancy. “Your thoughts creates your destiny.” This is the very thumb rule to self awareness and self mastery. You attract what you are thinking about most of the times, so learn the right ways of thinking so that you manifest only what you want and not otherwise.

Trust me the best courses are not served in academics but in Life Schools, where you will meet yourself, know your strengths, weaknesses and build upon them only to emerge as a victor, an alchemist, a creator , a director of your own life story.

Mindvalley and Isha Foundation are such schools where you can learn Life Skills to understand coping strategies, self healing, mindsets for abundance and grace and tools to ascend your level of conciousness and even strategies about your business, entrepreneurship etc. Basically everything to do with life.

We all are not at the same page when it comes to the level of awareness and consciousness. Some are still sleeping, some will never wake up, some are in victim mode, some are awake, some are rising, some enlightend and some seeking. Be the seeker of truth. Learn to rise from ashes like the Phoenix. Even if you are not in ashes, learn to fly before you are totally sucked into the matrix of social conditioning and beliefs , which will only gratify the ideas of others, not yours.

Your home can also be where your heart and soul is at peace, your family is also the people you vibe with. Therefore always try to travel and explore new people, cultures, belief systems, food, music etc. You never know you might find a new version of you with a different setting and growth trajectory. Growth has to be outside of your comfort zone. Own your self worth. You are younique and in you resides the whole youniverse.

When you start taking care of yourself, you start feeling better, you start looking better and you start to attract better. It all has to start with you making yourself a priority before anyone or anything else.

Arise, Awake and stop not till the Goal is reached. All the best. ~Arzoo Singh

Holographic Matrix and Beyond 🔮♾

“Every piece in the hologram mirrors the whole. In a hologram ‘here’ equals ‘there’. There is no time lapse , not even atomic clocks can measure the time difference as to show how much time it takes for similar photons to have an effect , if one of them is stimulated. All the information is already there in the hologram, so the changes percieved in atoms would be simultaneous. This also indicates that a shift in ones thinking has an instantaneous affect in atomic restructuring of photons, from atomic scale to a larger physical reality. We are all connected to God. God is omnipresent. All physical matter of the entire Universe has an effect on humans and so we do affect matter. All ‘matter’ and ‘etheric entities’ came out of the same ‘Singularity’ or the one ‘Super Power Consciousness’. After the Big Bang, still each and every atom and ether is connected in the Quantum field, only to change forms as a Holographic reality.” ~ Arzoo Singh

Some of my Experiential Epiphanies about the hologram, quantum field, God and human spirit are illustrated below, only in an attempt to merge the Dualities into Oneness.

🌼 God particle is in every matter and every atom and in spirit of nature and the Universe, including humans . Everything is Energy and we live in an Energy-verse.

🌼 The Energy of Creation organizes itself through Sacred Geometries and divine proportions and energetic codings across its creation of animate and inanimate objects. Repeated geometrical archetypes can be seen across nature. Differentiation, integration, permutations and combinations and many sacred mathematical codings underlies the Sacred Geometry.

🌼 Every human soul is connected to all others via etheric, holographic, fractal, electromagnetic and quantum field.

🌼This holographic reality has different dimensional levels with nature and beings in congruence with the frequency and vibration of that particular dimension.

🌼We are in the 3D matrix now which is transcending into 4D and 5D dimensional realities especially because of mass awakening and paradigm shifts in politics, economics and society to be achieved in post covid timelines, which is under process right now.

🌼Human potential is amplified in the 5D where we are Creators and Alchemists and there is Unity consciousness.

🌼 Fractals could be the possible operational procedure of a holographic change and the ripple effect.

🌼 Every information and energy is already there in the holographic field, with divine codes, sacred Geometries, Divine frequencies and vibrations, tapestry of human lives, potentials of scientific discoveries, in lines with Divine Timing.

🌼 Despite this tapestry planned by God, humans have a ‘free will’ all the time to choose a different reality out of all the possibilities already existing.

🌼 Time and Space is non-linear but occurs simultaneously in higher dimensions.

🌼 There is an effect of consciousness over matter, or mind over matter, physical matters are energies vibrating at different frequencies aand energies can affect each other.

🌼 The vital force energy or ‘Prana’ is very different from the physical energies, yet they can interact, transmute and alchemize.

🌼 Miralcles are nothing but a Prayer fulfilled or answered by God.

🌼 Our purpose in life is generally linked to what we are naturally drawn to.

🌼 0 to 9 and the number system is a sacred system of the Universe at work and acts as connecting dots between the Sacred and the Mundane. Basically Numerology is the Art and Science of numbers, having a personal touch and individualistic importance.

🌼 Conscience is your friend, philosopher and guide.

🌼 Science and Technology is your comforter and and facilitator in ease of living but it cannot promise you joy.

🌼Joy and happiness is a way of living itself. Mindfulness is a choice over compulsive ways of life.

🌼 Yoga and Meditation are best doctors and modalities of healing. Chakras Healing and Kundalini Awakening makes you enlighted and raise your awareness levels.

🌼 Realization of God is real and possible.

🌼Knowledge is Power.

🌼 Extra Sensory Perception is real. Intuition and 6th sense is underestimated and underutilized

🌼 The Sun, the Moon and all  the other planets affects human lives and nature on Earth in predictible and cyclic ways.

🌼 All predictive Sciences and modalities are absolute, only till we accept it as it comes by. Once you start working in the direction of your desired reality, even the position of stars changes, new palm lines appears and new angel and tarot messages from divine pop ups because your ‘writing’ is to create your ‘readings’ and not vice versa.

🌼 You can change your life at any given moment, true resolution and action is required. Laws of the Universe is always working behind the scenes like the Law of Karma and the Law of Attraction, to aid and guide our ways. You attract what you are and not what you want.

🌼 Vedic Science, Maths and Philosophies is a panacea for many missing puzzles in the Scientific theories today.

🌼Ancient Civilisations, Aboriginal wisdom and Indigenous communities are pioneers of ‘Human Technology’.

🌼 Nature is not outside us but inside us, when we exploit the nature, we exploit ourselves. When we conserve the nature, we save ourselves.

🌼 An abundance mindset is a magnet for prosperity and wealth.

🌼 Gratitude attracts more things for us to be grateful about.

🌼 All the different rivers of different religions and beliefs flows toward this one Ocean of Spirituality.

🌼 Spirituality is the confluence of human souls with the Almighty and confluence of the Lower to Higher Dimension.

🌼We all have Self Healing Capabilities and the knowledge of Epigenetics is the most effective tool for this. Ancient Medicine Systems and Energy healing is to be trusted more as it can deliver more.

🌼 Energy can neither be created, nor be destroyed, but it can change forms , it can change forms by the use of our ‘free will’, otherwise all that ‘Can Be’ is already here in the Quantum Field. Its just a matter of Choice what we choose out of it, transform and transmute energies as per our needs and be the masters of our destiny. ~ Arzoo Singh🕉

What is Spirituality ?

“All different religions are different branches of the same subject called Spirituality. Spirituality is the ocean of divination and sacred knowledge towards which all the rivers of religions , sects and aboriginal wisdom flows and humans can drink this holy water to internalize love, light, peace, abundance and illumination. It is awareness of unity consciousness and oneness of all lives, towards the path of awakening, self actualization amd God’s realization.” ~Arzoo Singh

“Spirituality is ones awareness about the ultimate truths and laws of this Universe like the Law of Karma and the Law of Attraction. It is to live life from a place of Soul Consciousness. It is to understand God’s omnipresence and orchestration of his creations and cosmic events.” ~ Arzoo Singh

Prayers do Miracles 🌸🧚‍♀️

When you go to the lab use Doubt, when you go to the temple use Trust. For challenging situations or tough phases in life , Prayer is the best medicine. A heart felt prayer to God gets an answer each and everytime. When life tries you or your family, there is a blessing hiding in the corner to be revealed as well.

Collective prayers are more magical and impactful, not that one person praying is any less for a cause, person or anything. We can sense how the auric field of temples, churches and mosques or any place of devotion feels like. Any negative energy is going to bounce back to its source, once Divine forces takes up the charge.

Faith can move mountains too. It is believed that where all the human efforts gets exhausted becomes the vantage point for the divinity to take up the due course. We are never alone, God is all seeing and all hearing. God is the Absolute truth and omnipresent. Every challenge is a way forward to lessons to be learned and wisdom to be earned. Soul power is supreme and God is the Supreme soul, he is the ocean of love, bliss, purity, beauty, power, knowledge and abundance.

Divine interventions and Miracles are always just a prayer away from us. As a law, divine forces like Angels, Spirit Guides, Deities, Ascended Masters and our Ancestors don’t intervene in our ‘free will’ unless we invoke them through our prayers and faith. Yes there is this God’s Angelic team in our lives , to guide and protect each of one of us.

Change is the only certainty in our lives. We need to live life in the present moment so that we can enjoy all that we have in a given season of life. We never know what may be taken away or added to our lives. Therefore no blessing is small and no blessing should be taken for guaranted.

Prayer gives the power back in our own hands, and we don’t need to depend on anyone else but the Divine. We need to be ever grateful to all the blessings that we already have and an appreciation for all the people, places and things in life that makes our emotions sweet. Prayer is a two-way communication with God and realizing the divine within.

We need to also remember that God is bigger than our biggest problems. Whatever be the challenge, there is no other remedy as effective and awesome as the Power of Prayer is. Prayers do works best with an attitude of gratitude and virtues of grit and fortiude. ~ Arzoo Singh 🙏

Awakening 🌟

Awakening is to be aware of our soul consciousness and be in alignment with the flow and guidance of the Universe, harmonising our body, mind and the spirit. Our awakened reality is full of extra sensory perception, power, divinity, abundance , synchronicities and manifestation because here we tune in to the cosmic energy for guidance. Its a way of life reflecting choices in sync with our inner calling. It is not just a matter of cosmic delight but also of quantum importance. Yoga, meditation, mindfulness, following our heart, performing arts and creativity are some of the ways to reach our light within.

We as a humanity is ready for a ‘quantum leap’ towards a new way of  thinking and living altogether on this planet, especially as an after affect of this ongoing ‘pandemic’ nad the fate of Earth envisaged by ancient scriptures, seers and saints. There is a rise in collective consciousness of people towards wisdom, unity , oneness, and a sense of global community, though there will always be a scope of polarity. With this change in thinking and doing, people will evolve and we can ensure a better future of earth, ourselves and the generations to come.

When there is change in how we look at things, the things we look at changes. With a positive, cooperative and inclusive outlook for life on personal, professional, national and world levels, we become agents of change and there is a shift in universal mind and the universal reality also changes for the highest good of all. High frequency and vibrations not only affects humans but a blanket ripple is caused across the quantum field. We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings of pure consciousness , having a human experience of mind, emotions and physicality on this Earth. Mind is not soul. Mind is not consciousness. Mind is all about psychological make-up of each individual which can differ from person to person. But conciousness, awareness, spirit or soul is one truth beneath all physical manifestations of lives.

Mind is a realm for specific purpose i.e. intellect, cognition and thinking. Consciousness is the awareness behind the mind, behind us doing and thinking. Consciousness is the awareness of all that we are and of all that it is. We are eternal as souls and consciousness and as light beings. Psychological beliefs and patterns and the mind chatters is not us. We are beyond the mind and body as a higher self or divine light of God. We can realize our true nature when we medidate, in yoga, in bhakti, in seva and in righteousness of being and living. Conscience and intutions are voices of that eternal awareness and not of the mind. We can self realize and awaken with the right kind of knowledge like from Vedas and Upanishads and holy texts and Dharma.

Fractals a peep into infinity 🪐

“Fractals when in subtle form is space and dimension with divine mathematical codings and sacred geometry unmanifested, Fractals when activated is nature, cosmos and our lives in simulation and matrix of Gaia in a manifested form and manner. Its a journey from zero to one, then to multiplicity and to infinity in a cyclic manner. Lots of cut, copy, paste, similar but not identical, permutations and combinations is seen in God’creation, that also a message of oneness of all and God’s brilliance in cosmic designing and laws of nature. Fractals conjugates space and time with superpositions of particles to manifest into the matrix. Especially diving deep into the oceans and the mesmerizing world there hints a lot about fractal designs of our bountiful nature.” ~Arzoo Singh

Arzoo Singh